18.3 Million NEW Gardeners since COVID

National Gardening Association 2021 Survey Results


The surveys confirm that gardening participation was way up, with 18.3 million new gardeners documented from this national sample. Veteran gardeners are also gardening more, and gardeners of all types are participating in more gardening activities. Two thirds of gardeners tried a new gardening activity. Growth in flower gardening is catching up with the still strong surge in food gardening. Nearly one third of gardeners had difficulty finding at least one type of product they intended to purchase in 2020.

The survey further noted that of the 16 million new gardeners during COVID-19, many are under 35. According to the NGA survey, the 35 to 44 year-old age bracket had the highest mean spending ($608.54) of all the age groups in 2019. Many in this group are raising a family, own a home, and have established a career.

LINK: https://gardenresearch.com/view/national-gardening-survey-2021-edition/

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