Micro-Drip systems have been around now for over 25 years and to-date NO TOOL has been introduced (UNTIL NOW),  designed specifically to safely and quickly SLICE ¼” micro feeder pipe from barbed fittings, manifolds and devices making them reusable. 

Why do professional landscapers and DIY home gardeners alike call the “Barbsaver micro-drip tool” is a Game Changer?

  1. The task of de-coupling ¼” feeder pipe from barbed devices using the BarbSaver tool TOTALLY changes what was before a “fine motor skill” to a much lesser, almost “gross motor skill” activity.
  2. A Fine Motor Skills activity: In past years all sorts of utility knives, pruning sheers and scissor tools were used to de-coupling ¼” feeder pipe from barbed devices, often resulting in cut fingers, broken or damaged barbed-ends. OUCH!  Often the attached tubing is wet, slippery, hard to hold steady with one hand while navigating a sharp knife or other tool to apply enough pressure to slice the tubing while at the same time NOT pressing so hard as to damage the PCV plastic barbed devices resulting in leaking. And all of this of course with a need for excellent vision.
  3. The change to a “Gross Motor Skill” activity: Using the BarbSaver tool is simple, safe AND doesn’t actually require excellent vision either! By placing the ¼” feeder pipe end, with attached barbed device in the tools “blade channel” and applying slight downward pressure and a ¾” pulling motion performs a tube-severing function by the precisely set X-Acto #11 blade.  *Note (The inventor of Barbsaver is visually impaired to 20/40 and designed the tool to work well even under sub-due light, dark as well as difficult visual lighting circumstances!)

BarbSaver Micro-Drip Slicer Tool Benefits/Features

  • Eliminates cut fingers
  • Landscaping Apprentices and casual gardeners alike can quickly correct installation tubing mistakes and make changes without damaging barbed devices  
  • X-ACTO® Blades (inside); 4x sharper than utility blades. Handle with extreme caution, especially when removing Blade Cartridge to replace Blade. (See QR Code YouTube)
  • Makes drip repairs faster, safer, easier
  • Reusing barbed drip devices saves Landfill, Saves $$ and FIGHTS against the “Throw-away culture.”
  • Reconfigure, expand and try new drip system ideas without fear of damaging growingly expensive drip manifolds and end-devices!

5) Check-out our “Blade Replacement & Demo” video HERE: https://youtu.be/YWKb6Fag8OU?si=0Aw5YTQeL8PNaw-z

6) Or even better, check-out our latest 2 minute “Demo/Features” Video HERE: https://youtu.be/8FRchRjfMoA

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BarbSaver is small and convenient to pocket