I always wondered how to (safely!) get the drip emitters off the 1/4″ drip tubing. A knife and pliers had been my preferred method, which often resulted in damage to the emitter, was time consuming, and frustrating. I have found that the BarbSaver tool preserves the emitter, works very quickly, and is safe to use. It is also very easy to change out the blade when necessary to do so. I will be telling others about this handy little tool!

As the students created their own drip systems they also had to take these systems apart… Students wanted to be able to recycle the plastic components thus conserving resources and reducing landfill and by reusing the plastic drip fittings it saved money. Using the BarbSaver decoupling tool, Students found that all of the 1/4” barbed fittings and drippers could be reused again and again.


As a Medical Technician, safety and efficiency are paramount, so to have the “BarbSaver” work so quickly and safely to detach installed micro drip devices and fittings in my garden is a BIG plus!


It is a very simple and effective design for a tool that makes a very difficult task very easy and safe. With this tool I won’t have to risk using my pocket knife any more to cut tubing off fittings.


I was amazed at how simple the BarbSaver tool was to use. It will reduce a lot of waste as now it will be possible to re-use drip emitters instead of having to throw them away. I liked the ease of use and safety features built in to prevent injuries and lacerations.


Great product! Was amazed how easily the BarbSaver enabled me to salvage & reuse some perfectly good drip emitters and make quick repair to my drip system.


In my patio garden I have LOTS of  hanging baskets and potted plants! This BarbSaver tool is invaluable to help me safely reroute (and hide) micro-tubing,  in some instances reducing the need for tubing couplings. I can more freely try various drip end-points knowing that I have a tool to start over with undamaged barbed devices.


With the BarbSaver tool I’m helping reduce “Landfill” while conserving water! I’ve never seen a tool like this for existing and installed drip systems. It’s much needed to save cutting my fingers using a utility knife.


Wow, this is a great tool not only for installed and reconfiguration Drip System, but also for new installations when I route a micro-drip feeder pipe incorrectly. I can exchange-out drippers “on-the-fly.”