BarbSaver Features

1) A Channel to hold and securely slide 1/4″ feeder pipe

2) A fixed “Slicing blade” on the “cutting-end” inside of the Channel which has a preset depth extending into the Channel mounted at the apex (highest point) of the channel. By placing and lowering the tool cutting-end over the barbed-fitting or device and performing a (pulling) slicing motion, the feeder pipe wall is severed and the barb is released from the feeder pipe leaving the barbed fitting or device reusable.

3) A form-factor (shape and size) that is easy to use, BRIGHT in color and easy to pocket or key-chain.

Easy and light to pocket!

4) Caution – For long lasting blade life, clean or rinse-off any dirt or debris before using the tool. *Tip* When reconfiguring or removing previously installed systems, especially ones that have been installed in sub-terrarium or dirt areas, we recommend “snipping-off the old feeder pipe” within 3″ of the barbed fittings and devices, and rinsing them off before using the Barbsaver tool to de-couple the feeder pipe. This should reduce blade damage caused by dirty feeder pipe.

5) Watch my YouTube Demo video here:

6) Watch my YouTube Blade Replacement video here:

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