Reduce Landfill and Throwaway culture

Reduce Landfill by using the BarbSaver Slicing tool to de-couple Micro Drip system feeder pipe from fittings and drip devices, making them reusable! “Save a Barb.” Conserve both WATER and the environment!

  • Reusing barbed drip devices saves Landfill, saves money, and fights inflation
  • Using the BarbSaver micro-irrigation tool supports today’s fight against the throwaway culture by making barbed devices reusable and used X-ACTO blades recyclable.  
  • It seems like an oxymoron to say “Let’s save our water resources by using 40% less water installing a micro-drip irrigation system, while on the other hand cutting-off perfectly good drippers and tossing them into the Landfill because the configuration or capacity requirements have changed as the seasons changed. Unfortunately, many commercial landscapers “build-into the service fees” the “contractor mark-up” costs of replacing water emitters and other end-points with NEW ones.

DIY Gardeners can now take a circular “reuse” approach without fear of damaging expensive drip manifolds and emitter end-points. They can easily, quickly and safely correct tubing installation issues, reconfigure, expand and even get creative by experimenting with new and innovative drip system ideas.

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